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Car tuning is basically the modification of a car from its original specification to suit another set of desired performance requirements from those that it was initially designed to fulfill. Generally most typically this is only higher engine speed and more dynamic Handling characteristics but sometimes cars can also be modified to give better fuel economy, or more smooth handling. There are several methods of tuning a car, which we will now look at. The various methods are as follows

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Engine tuning – this includes the mechanical adjustments of internal components of the combustion engine of the car. This is usually the easiest type of car tuning to carry out, as all that one needs to do is fiddle with the basic operational components of the engine and then replace whatever is broken. The basic rule of engine tuning is to reduce the amount of friction between the various moving parts to ensure low down force effects on the axle and cylinder seals. The other key aspect of engine tuning is to adjust the air filter to reduce contaminants from entering the system. Also, the induction system can be tuned up to improve horsepower and emissions. All of these methods are relatively easy to carry out, and have relatively few associated problems.

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Another common method of car tuning includes the replacement of the exhaust system’s catalytic converter with a new one, which may be ceramic or carbon based. When the catalytic converter is replaced, it helps in eliminating poisonous byproducts in the exhaust system, and at the same time, increases the power of the exhaust gases by converting them to less harmful substances. When this process is carried out well, the power gains may become fairly significant. Car tuning has a very broad scope and can be performed on a domestic car as well as an exotic sports car. It can also be carried out by professional tuners to gain an advantage in competitive events.

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